CellAct Pharma GmbH was founded by Fritz Kopitzki and Nalān Utku in 2007 as a venture backed biotech company. CellAct is focused on the development of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of various cancers.


The development team consists of highly experienced advisors with substantial industrial experience in the field of oncology as well as CRO & CMOs. Dr. Nalān Utku, founder and CEO of CellAct, combines outstanding experience and a proven track record in developing therapeutics for oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Utku has more than 18 years of experience in preclinical and clinical research, 10 years of which have been in commercial environments. She recently gained significant drug development and regulatory experience by joining the masters program for international regulatory affairs in Bonn. In addition, to her role in the industry, she leads her own research group as professor of immunology at the Charite Hospital, Berlin. Prior to her position at the Charite she conducted research in the Laboratory of Immunogenetics and Transplantimmunology, Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Dr Utku studied medicine in Germany and USA. She spent several years in clinical medicine at the Departments of Neurology and Rheumatology at the University of Bonn and Transplant Immunology, Renal Division, Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston.


July 2007CellAct founding
November 2007Closing of first financing round
July 2008BMBF grant approval for CAP7.1 program
August 2008Finalization of preclinical studies for CAP7.1
May 2009Initiation of the clinical trial for CAP7.1
September 2009BMBF expands funding of CAP7.1 program
March 2011Finalization of Phase I study
September 2012Initiation of Phase II study in therapy refractory, advanced non-small cell and small cell cancer of the lung and biliary tract

For further information please contact: info@cellact.eu (please specify your request in the subject)